Previous exhibition scene

Previous exhibition scene
Exhibits: Asia’s Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Fair (GLOBAL RESOURCE)
Date: 2017 Mar.
City/country: Hongkong/China/Asia
Exhibits: GIFT&HOME Exhibition (GLOBAL RESOURCE)
Date: 2016 Spe.
City/country: Hongkong/China/Asia
With attractive design, customized products, our booth is very popular, attracting steady stream visitors from America, Europe, Canada, Brazil and New Zealand.

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Some customers place orders directly on site, meanwhile, we gain the full recognition by mass customers around the world, they hope to cooperate with our company.
The quality is still relatively high, because global resources has a large number of high-quality buyers before holding the exhibition, which solves the problems worried by suppliers.
Global resources was the first exhibition held in Shanghai in October 2003. Due to the accumulation of a large number of high-quality buyers, the first exhibition was very successful. Later, exhibitions were held in Hong Kong, Dubai and Mumbai. Among them, the exhibition held in Mumbai, India, in November this year was very crowded, with nearly 30000 suppliers and buyers participating. In terms of the current economic environment, it is not easy.
In just five years, the global resources exhibition has become the fastest-growing Asian electronics exhibition this year, and has jumped to become the fourth largest electronics exhibition in the world. The top two are ces and CeBIT, which have a development history of more than 20 years.

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Exhibits: “Go global” Selection Exhibition
Date: 2021 Oct.
Our Turban and bonnet win the most popular product in the show. Our booth is one of the most popular selection for clothing accessories approved by the exhibition organization. All the bonnets, turbans, durags are well displayed, our company has demonstrated itself as a reliable partner and offered customers a full range of bonnet and turban selections both stock and customized, which aroused great interest among customers and allowed us to establish many new business contacts.

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