We have a 2000 ㎡ warehouse

GATHERTOP is the leading headwear manufacturer in China, Specializing in fashionable turban hair bonnet and headband. We ensure product quality by operating a single manufacturing and distribution center where our items are carefully designed, developed and produced.We offer high to low fashion and special lines to suit your customer needs. Also, we specially do customized orders, with different customers’ demand, such as different printing process, sewing, shaping and fabric material , just meet exactly what customer needs.

Why we choose bonnets, nowadays more people start to protecting their hair, bonnets reduce friction so people’s hairstyle last longer than ever, a satin bonnet is usually good for those people like to keep their hair tucked away and to maintain hairstyles, bonnets help to protect hair natural moisture leaving it soft, meanwhile, it prevent split ends and breakage caused by abrasive linens like cotton pillowcases.
We have a 2000 ㎡ warehouse, which owns more than 1000 different style, equipped with handwork, hot stamping , packing and quality control department, a complete strict delivery system ready to ship. When flexibility to minimize go to market efforts matters, our specialized services can offer you a competitive advantage (such as product customization, quality controls, re-packing, packing customization, compressed package service).

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Warehouses are integral to the success of physical goods getting packed and delivered on time. Warehouse work includes any task related to warehouse organization, maintenance, product handling, packing, and shipping.
To make good co-ordination, our warehouse manager and specialist is responsible for overseeing daily operations and upholding regulatory compliance for activities in the warehouse, our warehouse clerk is updating product records everyday, and our warehouse operator knows how and when to make adjustments that lead to tangible results in the warehouse. This insight comes from spending months or years on the job, and taking time to understand functional shortcomings of the warehouse. He can take advantage of ERP software to improve our warehousing management process. By multi-help of skilled warehouse staff, our warehouse can work efficiently and effectively.

Post time: May-12-2022